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Our Menu

Restaurant, Take-Away & Delivery
in good weather on our terrace
(Wednesday – Sunday from 12.00-14.00 h & 18.00-20.45 h)


We will be pleased to present you our new menu with loving care and a lot of local & regional products. We wish you a good appetite and enjoy your meal. We are happy about your feedback!

Best wishes!

Our Soupe of the Month

Pumpkin soup with chorizo, 10,90
sour cream, pickled onions and bread from the Jeitz bakery

Our Starters

Luxembourgish roastbeef 15,90
with pickled ceps, radish, chervil mayonnaise and herbs
Marinated salmon trout and scallop 16,40
with apple gel, sour cream and brioche crumble
vegan Vegan Chioggia beets carpaccio 14,90
with green apple, wild herbs and homade dressing
Luxembourgish beef tartar - Produit du terroir 16,90
with homemade tartar sauce, herb oil, caviar, egg yolk and crumble
veggie Luxembourgish burrata mozzarella 15,40
with breaded melon, Madeira, puffed wild rice and olive oil

Aal Eechternoachs Classics

Veal Cordon Bleu filled with Berdorfer cheese and Luxembourgish cooked ham, 26,50
with potato croquettes, mushroom sauce and salad
„Aal Eechternoach Steakhouse-Pan“ 20,90
with grilled beef fillet stripes „Produit du Terroir“, noodles, pine nuts,
parmesan, green stuff, cherry tomatoes and balsamic beef jus
veggie Homemade flour dumplings Pesto 17,30
with homemade pesto and broccolini
Homemade flour dumplings 16,90
in a cream sauce with Luxembourgish bacon and apple sauce

Kids Menu (up to 12 years)

Small Eechternoacher 13,90
100% Luxembourgish beef burger with homemade French fries
Round Eechternoacher 9,90
Eechternoacher Noodle 10,90
Noodles in a cream sauce with Luxembourgish cooked ham

For our
Vegans / Vegetarians

vegan Breaded turnip cabbage with pickled celery 23,90
leek, vegan cream and puree and pumpkin oil
veggie Vegetarian risotto with beetroot and pearl barley, 22,90
Berdorfer goat cheese and wild herb salad
vegan Vegan red lentil balls with breaded ceps, 24,90
breaded mashed potatoes and vegan cream sauce
vegan Vegan jackfruit goulash 22,90
with black garlic, sweet potatoes and snap peas
vegan Vegan curry with turnip and pumpkin 21,90
and broccoli

Our fresh bowls

Avocado-Tuna Bowl with fresh tuna 25,90
sesame rice, asian vegetables, green stuff, seeds, fermented daikon,
marinated lotus root, wakame, nuts and peanut-sauce (spicy)
vegan Avocado-Tuna Bowl with vegan tuna 25,90
sesame rice, asian vegetables, green stuff, seeds, fermented daikon,
marinated lotus root, wakame, nuts and peanut-sauce (spicy)
Sweet Lausberg Bowl with chicken in rice paper, 24,90
mango, grilled pineapple, rice, sesame, green stuff, carrots, cabbage, marinated lotus root and homemade cocktail sauce
vegan Vegan Power Bowl with fried rice balls, 24,90
rice noodles, seeds, avocado, nuts, sprouts, carrots, plantain, marinated lotus root and garlic herb dip
Buddha Beef Bowl with Luxembourgish beef fillet 25,90
sesame rice, sesame, soy sauce, green stuff, pickled onions, carrots,
marinated lotus root, fermented daikon and chicory

Main Course – Variations

Luxembourgish beef fillet “Produit du terroir” with Pinot Noir sauce, 34,90
homemade potato gratin, apple and cepe
Perch fillet “à la Meunière” 26,90
with dill potatoes and sauteed Romaine lettuce
Fresh tagliatelle with ceps, 23,90
parmesan, cream and bacon
Luxembourgish sausages “Wäinzoossiss” 23,90
with mashed potatoes, mustard sauce and salad
Fresh razor clams 24,90
with chick peas, Chorizo and tomato
Wild boar chop 25,90
with cabbage, grapes, bacon and mashed sweet potatoes
Rack of lamb from the Maomi Lakes (New Zealand) 26,90
with broccolini and roasted potato cream

Another Side Dish?

vegan Falafel chick pea balls 3,90
vegan Homemade French fries 3,90
vegan Sweet potato fries 3,90
vegan Rösti potato croquettes 3,90
vegan Homemade truffle mayonnaise 2,00
vegetarian Small mixed salad 3,90

Our Homemade Burgers

lunch_diningAll burgers with potato dippers, vegan coleslaw and fresh burger bun from our local bakery Jeitz
Angus FromBurger 22,90
with 100% Luxembourgish angus beef, gherkin, tomato, breaded apple and onions, truffled mayonnaise, Berdorfer Roude Bouf cheese and salad
New York Pastrami Burger 21,90
with beef pastrami „New York Style“, cucumber-relish, mayonnaise “sweet-sour”, pickled onions, tomato and brioche bread from our local bakery
„Aal Eechternoach XL Burger“ 22,90
with BBQ-sauce, double meat (100Luxembourgish beef), bacon, gherkin, tomato, Berdorfer cheese „Roude Bouf“, salad and braised onions
Berdorfer Burger 18,90
with 100Luxembourgish beef from our local butcher Saeul, homemade burger sauce, Berdorfer cheese „Roude Bouf“, tomato, gherkin, salad and braised onions
New Lausberg Chicken Burger 2.0 18,90
with Chicken fillet from the Lausberg farm breaded with panko, homemade Ranch sauce, salad, braised onions and tomato
vegan Vegan Sweetpotato-Bean Burger 18,90
with vegan cocktail sauce, tomato, fresh cucumber salad, braised onions
and wholeweat bun
vegan Vegan „Pulled Jack Burger“ 18,90
with homemade pulled jackfruit in Ranch sauce, fresh cucumber salad, tomato,
braised onions and wholeweat bun
Some Extra?
Extra fried egg 1,00
Extra Berdorfer cheese ``Roude Bouf`` 1,00
Extra bacon from Saeul 1,00
Double burger 5,00

Another Side Dish?

only for our burgers

vegan Falafel chick pea balls 2,50
vegan Sweet potato fries 2,00
vegan Rösti potato croquettes 2,50
vegan Homemade truffle mayonnaise 2,00
vegan Homemade truffle mayonnaise 2,00
vegetarian Small mixed salad 3,90
vegan Coleslaw 3,00

Our Homemade Pizzas

from the stone-oven

ecoAll pizzas also possible with vegan cheese (+2,00€)
local_pizzaAll pizzas with Luxembourgish mozzarella & homemade tomato sauce (Gluten free +2,00€)

Our new pizzas

“Salsiccia“ 16,20
with salsiccia sausage, red onions, cherry tomatoes, olives and green stuff
“Salsa“ 16,20
with Salsa sauce, Lausberg chicken fillet, sweet pepper, iceberg saald an sour cream
Mieresfriichten 16,90
with seafood, olives and garlic oil
veggie Burrata 14,90
with homemade pesto, burrata, cherry tomatoes and basil
vegetarian Pizza Magréit 11,20
with basil, oregano and fresh cherry tomatoes
Pizza Zoossiss 13,40
with Luxembourgish salami from our local butcher Saeul and oregano
vegetarian Pizza Veggie 14,50
with seasonal, grilled vegetables, green stuff and black olives
Calzone Special 16,50
with Luxembourgish salami and cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul, mushrooms, sweet pepper, jalapenos, egg and red onions
Pizza Hamanas 14,50
with Luxembourgish cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul,
pineapple and oregano
Pizza Scharf Zoossiss 13,70
with Chorizo from our local butcher Saeul, jalapenos and oregano
Pizza Thon 14,20
with tuna, red onions and black olives
Pizza Du Chef 15,90
with Luxembourgish salami and cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul, anchovies, red onions, chili oil, oregano, sweet pepper and black olives
vegetarian Pizza Séiss Geess 15,90
with Berdorfer goat cheese, Luxembourgish honey from the Beiefritz,
green stuff and walnuts
Pizza Champi-Ham 14,50
with Luxembourgish cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul,
fresh mushrooms and oregano
Pizza Rustikalesch 16,90
with Luxembourgish, raw ham, pine nuts, homemade basil pesto and green stuff
vegetarian Pizza Flamkuch „Veggie“ 15,70
with cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables, black olives, green stuff, homemade pesto and sour cream
Pizza Flamkuch „Speck“ 13,90
with bacon from our local butcher Saeul, red onions and sour cream
Pizza Flamkuch „Rustikalesch“ 16,40
with homemade pesto, Luxembourgish raw ham, green stuff, cherry tomatoes and sour cream
Pizza Flamkuch „Saumon“ 15,90
with smoked salmon, red onions, spinach and sour cream

In the end some sweet dessert

veggie Red Velvet Cake 11,90
with pistachio mousse and vanilla cream
veggie Meringue cake 11,90
with homemade berry ice cream and sauce
vegan Soy yogurt with fresh berries, 10,90
nut crumble, agave and mint
veggie Woarmen Berdorfer 8,90
Berdorfer vanilla ice cream with hot chocolat sauce
vegan Pizza with Faitrade chocolat sauce 13,90
with strawberries and banana
vegan Vegan Strudel from our local bakery Jeitz filled with apple and red fruits 10,90
red fruits and vanilla sauce
veggie Berdorfer icecream / scoop 2,00
different flavors



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