Menu card in English

Our menu

Take-Away & Delivery

(Tuesday – Saturday from 12.00-14.00 & 18.00-20.00)

Main Course

Hanging tender steak “Produit du terroir” 27,90
with straw potatoes, broccoli, carrots and barolo sauce
Veal Cordon Bleu filled with Berdorfer cheese and Luxembourgish ham, 26,50
with fried chips, mushroom sauce and vegetables
„Aal Eechternoach Steakhouse-Pan“ 19,90
with grilled beef stripes „Produit du Terroir“, pine nuts, parmesan, rocket and cherry tomatoes
Glazed Teriyaki pork belly 24,90
with celery root mash and cucumber salad
Poached skrei cod with crispy skin, 25,90
with julienne vegetables, butter potatoes and lemon white wine sauce
Homemade flour dumplings 16,50
with creamy bacon sauce and apple sauce 
Poke Bowl with salmon and prawns, 23,90
iceberg, avocado, seeds, mango, rice and cocktail dressing
Lausberg Bowl with pulled chicken from the Lausberg farm, 21,90
seeds, iceberg, white beans, onions, sweet pepeprs and chili oil

For vegetarians/vegans

Cauliflower fritters with sesame, 20,90
pan-fried seitan and umeboshi sauce (vegan)
Vegan miso soup 15,90
with soba noodles, tofu and kale (vegan) 
Vegan “meat balls” 19,90
with vegan mushroom cream sauce, mashed potatoes and salad (vegan) 
Vegan PowerBowl 20,90
with green spelt-millet balls, beans, seeds, rice, avocado, nuts, sweet peppers and garlic and herb dip (vegan) 

Our homemade burgers

All burgers with potato dippers, coleslaw and
fresh burger bun from our local bakery Jeitz

„Aal Eechternoach XL Burger“ 22,90
with BBQ-sauce | double meat (100% Luxembourgish beef) | bacon | gherkin | tomato | Berdorfer cheese | salad | braised onions
Berdorfer Burger 18,20
with 100% Luxembourgish beef from our local butcher Saeul | homemade burger sauce | Berdorfer Roude Bouf cheese | tomato |
gherkin | salad | braised onions
„Neien Lauberger Poulet Burger“ 18,90
Chicken fillet from the Lausberg farm breaded with panko |
mango-chili chutney | tomato | onions | salad
Aal Eechternoach V-Burger 18,50
with kidney bean-nut patty | vegan burger sauce | tomato | salad | red onions (vegan)
Vegan „Pulled Jack Burger“ 18,50
with homemade pulled-jackfruit in BBQ-sauce | gherkin | tomato | mustard | salad | red onions (vegan)
Extra side dishes
Small salad 3,90
Potato dippers 3,90
Sweet potato fries 3,90
Truffled chick pea fries  3,90
Potato croquettes 3,90

Our homemade pizzas from the stone-oven

All pizzas with mozzarella & homemade tomato sauce

Pizza Magréit 11,20
Basil | oregano | cherry tomatoes
Pizza Zoossiss 13,20
Luxembourgish salami from our local butcher Saeul | oregano
Pizza Veggie 14,20
Seasonal grilled vegetables | rocket | black olives
Pizza Hamanas 14,20
Luxembourgish cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul | pineapple | oregano
Pizza Scharf Zoossiss 13,20
Luxembourgish, hot salami from our local butcher Saeul | jalapenos | oregano
Pizza Champi-Ham 14,50
Luxembourgish, cooked ham from our local butcher Saeul | fresh mushrooms | oregano
Pizza Séiss Geess 16,40
Berdorfer goat cheese | Luxembourgish honey from Beiefritz | rocket | walnuts (veggie)
Pizza Thon 14,20
Tuna | red onions | black olives
Pizza Rustikalesch 16,90
Luxembourgish, raw ham from our local butcher Saeul | pine nuts | basil pesto | rocket
“Calzone Special” 16,90
Salami and cooked ham from our butcher Saeul | mushrooms | sweet peppers |
jalapenos | egg | onions
Pizza „Berdorfer Trüffel“ 16,90
Luxemburgish, raw ham from our local butcher Saeul | Berdorfer truffle-cheese | rocket
Pizza Crevette 16,90
Shrimps in garlic oil | red onions | spinach | garlic oil
Pizza Flamkuch „Speck“ 13,90
Bacon | red onions | sour cream 
Pizza Flamkuch „Rustikalesch“ 16,40
Homemade pesto | raw ham | rocket | cherry tomatoes | sour cream
Pizza Flamkuch „Veggie“ 15,90
Seasonal grilled vegetables | rocket | homemade pesto | garlic | sun-dried tomatoes | sour cream
Pizza Flamkuch „Saumon“ 15,90
Salmon | gorgonzola cheese | spinach | sour cream

In the end some sweet dessert

Churros 9,90
with homemade chocolate sauce  
Vegan apple strudel from our local bakery Jeitz 9,90
with homemade vegan vanilla sauce



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